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Understanding the Benefits of New and Replacement PTAC Air Conditioning Units

Packaged terminal air conditioning (commonly referred to as PTAC units) are an efficient source of heating and cooling solutions for single living spaces. One PTAC unit is used to control the temperature of one specific room or living area. All PTAC units provide air conditioning in the form of cool air, but some models contain a heating function as well. PTAC units do not require costly or intrusive ductwork, which helps to keep installation costs low while also minimizing installation time.

They are widely used in the hospitality industry, but there are almost endless applications for these self-contained air conditioning systems. PTAC units are popular choices for new construction designs such as; apartment buildings, hotels, motels, dormitories and condominiums. PTAC units are also gaining popularity for residential use where existing ductwork will not reach into a new room addition and even for sunrooms.
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Installing PTAC units is an excellent choice for energy efficiency, whether it is for a single room or in large scale usage. PTAC units are available in a variety of capacities for the industry standard sizes of 16” x 42”, and 16” x 26”. There are also other dimensions of replacement PTAC’s such as 32x18, 37x13-15/16, 43.5x18, 25x16 are a few popular replacement wall sleeve dimensions.

Replacing and Retrofitting PTAC Units

Older PTAC units operate with less efficiency while producing more noise than the newer available replacements. New retrofit PTAC units are constructed with innovative technologies that increase energy efficiency, minimize operation noise and have comprehensive warranties. New technologies include multiple fan speeds, an indoor metal crossflow fan and outdoor fan that provide higher efficiency operation while decreasing the operating noise level of the unit. Other innovations include the use of more environmentally-friendly refrigerant and the availability of unit mounted digital controls and sometimes wired or wireless controls for increased temperature setting control.
Replacing original PTAC equipment can often prove to be a difficult task, especially when the original manufacturer is no longer in business or producing the model. There are trusted manufacturers who are dedicated to providing a complete line of top quality PTAC units, which can be used to replace or retrofit over 50 different models of original and discontinued PTAC equipment. These units are designed to provide an easier installation process to replace a PTAC chassis that can simply slide into the existing wall sleeve.

Trusted Suppliers of PTAC Units and Other HVAC Systems

Whether you are a property manager in Toronto or an apartment owner in Pennsylvania, there are reputable and respected suppliers who will be able to offer a unique mix of HVAC products to meet your particular heating and cooling needs, as well as provide excellent customer service.
There are direct distributors for large manufacturers with over 20 years of experience who provide exceptional savings, extensive product availability and innovative solutions for customers all over North America.
Discover the energy savings and other benefits that are possible with a new PTAC unit. Choose a reliable supplier with a solid reputation for all of your new construction or retrofit PTAC air conditioning solutions today.

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